Our WHY is female empowerment, and it is at the core of everything we do. Our key focus is on empowering women to be financially independent through employment.

Our mission is to empower women to have choices to help build a life full of passion and purpose, whatever that may be. We are firm believers that employment is the key to financial independence, and financial independence provides freedom of choice.

Our initiatives and partnerships reflect this, from Suited To Success and The Encoreship, which is now in its third year of providing lifechanging placements for women reentering the workforce after an extended period of absence.


In 2023 we launched our industry leading paid parental leave program. This program contributes to closing the gap on inequality for women in the workplace, enabling and normalising taking time out to care for a child and supporting our parents through every stage of the journey.

 Every year we will take inspired action to continue to close this gap, as we continue to build on this legacy program. This year, after listening to our people and their needs, we will be introducing additional and separate leave entitlements for appointments associated with IVF and egg freezing. Empowerment is about giving people choices, and we believe this does just that. The evolution of the PPLP won’t stop here, so watch this space.

There is no doubt that the challenges faced by working women are complex, wide, and varied, but with the right support from employers, these challenges are infinitely more possible to overcome.

Our call to action? Employers, business owners, CEO’s, and business leaders. It is time to prioritise programs like this. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s good business. 

Don't know where to start? Our doors are open. Reach out to PC@dissh.com.au and join our collective mission. 

“It has always been a dream of mine to build a business to a size where financially we could afford a best in class PPLP. I have seen too many close friends and family give up thriving careers due to the challenges of balancing family and work. I’m using my own firsthand experience to create a support framework that I know I would have greatly benefitted from.”

- DISSH Owner & Director, Lucy Henry-Hicks

Over 90% of the DISSH team identifies as a woman, and as a female led brand we’re proud to make headway as we strive towards equal opportunity for women in the workplace and beyond.

Dissh Image
Dissh Image


We are proud to have been a part of pioneering an innovative employment program, The Encoreship. The Encoreship provides employment and upskilling for women who are facing challenges re-entering the workforce after an extended period away from work – no matter the reason.

Our mission is to empower women to have choices to help build a life full of passion and purpose, whatever that may be. We are firm believers that employment is the key to financial independence, which in turn provides freedom of choice.

Only 32% of mothers feel confident to re-enter the workforce (Get Qualified, 2016) and only 59% of mature age women (55-65) participate in the workforce, compared to 72% of mature age men (Australian Government Women’s Workforce Participation, 2020). An initiative like The Encoreship helps continue to bridge this gap and provide equal opportunity for women in the workplace.

This program is a 3-month paid placement at DISSH, designed to upskill, build confidence, create connections and set women up for their future aspirations. Applications for our 2023 program will be open soon, with 1 role available to anyone who identifies as a woman, who has had an extended period (1+ years) away from the workforce and is having difficulty re-entering.

Our 2021 Encorer, Louise took 9 years out of the workforce to care for her children and she shared this gap did present barriers to finding employment again when she was ready to re-enter the workforce. The Encoreship was a life changing placement that has seen her now start back into a full-time role in her industry, ten years later.

"I truly feel The Encoreship is an outstanding Program, having a real, significant, positive impact on its participants’ lives. I admire and respect the companies that have made the commitment to be part of the Program – I believe they are demonstrating leadership in genuinely supporting women in the workforce. For me, The Encoreship has been instrumental in moving forward on my work journey” - 2021 Encorer, Louise.

We're proud to announce that DISSH will be participating in The Encoreship for the fourth consecutive year. The return-to-work program aims to empower women who have been out of the workforce for an extended period, with a 3-month paid placement at DISSH and supportive ongoing mentorship. Details on how to apply in 2024 are coming soon.

Dissh Image
Dissh Image


DISSH is a proud partner of Suited To Success. Suited to Success is a not-for-profit community organisation that helps people overcome the barriers to employment. It has been an incredibly challenging time for the charity and the people they support. Our contributions help assist women in Australia become independent, by empowering them with the practical tools, support, and confidence they need for job seeking. As a business owned by and run by women, we are so passionate about supporting their work.

To date we have donated over $50,000 of stock that has supported their women’s fundraising events and their styling services. We also created and launched a 100% cotton tote bag with all profits donated to Suited To Success. To date we have donated $10,000 from these tote bags. The CEO of Suited to Success, Tamara Smith thanks you for your support and for "inspiring hope and self-belief for brighter futures."

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