About Us

Dissh is a company
ruled by, 
designed for and
inspired by
WOMEN - like you.

Born in the Henry-Hicks family home in 2001, we opened the doors to our first store in the Gold Coast. The kitchen table was the boardroom, the office the stockroom and the living room our wholesalers showcase room – it was an operation like no other. As DISSH continued to grow, the business overtook the family home (and the 10 car pile-up overtook the garage and street), it was time to move into our own official space. Despite the coffee van only opening up shop every two days (you didn’t want to talk to us on the days it didn’t), it was a big and exciting step forward for the business.

17 years, 11 stores and an online boutique later, we still call Brisbane home but now we deliver DISSH to babes like you, worldwide.

We design and produce around 80% of our own styles, meaning what you get at Dissh is something unique you can’t get anywhere else. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We love making you feel and look good. That’s what we do. Whether it’s a night out, a long lunch with the girls, a day at the beach, or date night – we’ve got you covered. We work hard (and we love it) to bring you the latest trends, no matter the occasion.

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