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Working with our Bondi stores Interior Designer Brahman Perera (Brem) in collaboration with Madeline Dwyer and Mikaela Walker from Tous Studios on this project (our fifth with Tous in total), our Warringah home stands as the perfect example of achieving more with less. It might be small, but boy, is it mighty.  

Warringah’s stand out design feature is, without a doubt, the monolithic floating glass table, which serves a dual purpose as a place to engage and makes for a visually striking centerpiece. A little like a kitchen island bench – the heart of the home – this innovative two-in-one design fosters connections between our customers and team, providing an opportunity to engage with our brand ethos through conversation and display. Two things we consider integral to enhancing the DISSH experience.  

Continuity plays a role here too. Our stores – our world – help anyone who steps into it understand who we are, what we do, and why we do it. With the help of Brem and Tous Studios, we brought to life a store with key elements that mirror Brem’s design for Bondi. Things like ombre curtains and micro-cement flooring were carried over to maintain continuity, while functional adjustments were made to features like racking and joinery items. In short, the aim remained to blend the essence of Bondi throughout. Anyone who’s been to both will see the resemblance.  

"...Warringah exists alongside Bondi as the next step in our evolution. Like all the stores before them, each space is a tribute to the last."
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