DISSH Core Values

Practice Calm

  • I understand how my emotions affect my behaviour and others’ so I consciously bring my best to work every day and communicate with my team when I can't.
  • I show up to work and to meetings on time, well prepared and present - undistracted by technology and devices.
  • The energy I bring into every room, meeting, or situation is calm, open and aligned to our values.
  • I set and respect professional boundaries, and when it’s not clear about what’s okay and not okay, I ask.
  • I practice gratitude with my team and colleagues.


Be Courageous

  • I choose courage over comfort by leaning into difficult tasks and conversations. I do what is right over what is fast, fun or easy.
  • I embrace vulnerability by showing up and giving my best, even when I feel challenged & can't control the outcome.
  • I believe being clear is kind. I give and receive feedback in a respectful and daring way even if I feel uncomfortable or challenged.
  • I am accountable for my actions and own my mistakes. I acknowledge when I could have done better and share learnings to grow and evolve.


Support Our Community

  • I take responsibility for creating an exceptional customer experience.
  • I contribute to a safe, supportive and inclusive workplace - both physically and emotionally.
  • I invest time and resources to support the development and performance improvement of myself and others.
  • I celebrate the wins and congratulate others on their good work.


Inspire Creativity

  • I challenge or question the status quo and encourage new ideas, even when things are going well.
  • I often put meaningful ideas and strategies forward to the team.
  • I prioritise time for high level thinking & planning to explore my curiosity and ideas.
  • When I experience a setback, I look outside the box to solve the problem efficiently and effectively.
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