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We believe every girl deserves to feel confident & empowered

That’s why we set out to provide the everyday woman with a style destination that is equal parts accessible and aspirational and fits into your life – no matter your plans or the occasion.

One of our core values is to celebrate every woman’s individuality, that’s why we design the majority of our collections in-house to give our girl something that is truly unique.

for the girls.

DISSH is DISSH because of the creative, passionate and strong females that work (hard) behind the scenes to create and share beautiful things for girls like YOU! It’s because of you that we get to do what we love every day, so thank you for supporting an Australian business, owned by, led by and run by women.

It is important to us to get behind organisations that align with our values & share our passion for empowering women. That's why we are proud to provide regular contributions to programs such as Share the Dignity and Dress for Success amongst others.


Just like you, we are always looking at ways to be kinder to our environment and continually improve our products and day-to-day practises.

We are proud to share this journey with you as we look at how we can make positive changes within our business that reduce our environmental impact – small or big, every action counts. This is an ongoing process and we look forward to sharing our next steps with you.

Fabric and Materials

As we design our upcoming collections we’re committed to using natural fibres such as linen, that are more sustainable in their manufacturing processes & long term environmental effects. You can shop our 100% linen collection here.

We are currently in the process of phasing out our single use plastic bags in our 11 boutiques & online store. We are sampling & working on the production of our reusable calico shopping bags and can’t wait to share the final product with you in your next DISSH shopping experience. This bag is not only designed for you to take your DISSH goodies home in, but to use in your day-to-day life, again & again.

HQ Initiatives

We are guilty of living off a cappuccino (or two) a day. With the daily caffeine consumption holding strong, we decided to gift all HQ staff with a keep cup to stop the waste of single use cups, a simple yet important step in reducing our footprint as a team. That’s 20 cups saved a day, 100 cups saved a week & 5,200 cups saved a YEAR!

We are paperless where possible, with a huge restriction put on all unnecessary print jobs – a seemingly small but positive step to minimizing the use of paper and reducing our impact on the environment.


To avoid waste, stock is not ordered in mass quantities. We start with small orders to trial styles before ordering larger quantities to suit our customer demand & avoid over-production & waste.

Our pieces are designed by our team in HQ here in Brisbane and manufactured in China with a high quality of production & factory standards in line with new laws & regulations.


We create bespoke collections in Bali employing skilled locals that are able to gain independence & confidence through their work. We visit our employees regularly at our production facilities to ensure that all processes are executed in line with our values – from our Cut & Sew Factories where our garments are assembled to our Print houses where our custom fabrics are created.


We source the best of vintage in L.A. and give a new life to pre-loved clothing. Not only does it promote a circular fashion economy and help reduce waste, but damn, they made some good tees back then – why produce a new vintage-look tee when you can have the real thing? Shop our vintage collection here.

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