29 September 2023

Welcome to DISSH Bondi

Welcome to DISSH Bondi.

We know, we finally did it! It was about damn time.

Brought to life in collaboration with Melbourne-based Designer, Brahman Perera. DISSH Bondi builds upon our existing concepts. The space captures our brand aesthetic through ambience, mood and layered contrasting textures. 

Purposefully designed to connect with our customers and community – we set out to create an intimate and creatively inspiring space that ignites all of the senses.  

Created to emulate the DISSH brand in all its facets, the Bondi store reflects our commitment to circularity and making positive changes across the brand in an effort to be kinder to the planet.

We’re excited to unveil our most sustainable store design to date, from ideation to realisation.When designing the space, Brahman shares -


The DISSH aesthetic is one of feminine simplicity that doesn’t confine itself to a standalone style or age, so it was important for the space to operate as a fitting backdrop to enhance the brand and its future evolution. 

The space needed to feel authentic and effortless, but also layered and textured whilst being welcoming to each and every one of DISSH’s customers.


Like the garments, the store needed to feel seasonless and stand the proverbial test of time. Classical techniques in architecture were considered: columns, stone, and mosaic inlay flooring, all casting a backdrop to a soft, feminine palette.  


The location of Bondi for the store also allowed for a concept to shape itself around its environment. While the store itself is new construction, the history of the surrounding neighbourhood’s architecture dates predominantly back to the Art Deco period. 


I wanted to design the space around a serviceable layout that felt warm and sculptural. The contemporary unadorned shell of the building was to be softened with feminine detailing of soft fabrics, while carpet and wallpaper wraps around walls and columns to create new planes and a more tactile landscape within a sensitively muted colour palette.


Timeless vintage furniture was selected, alongside works from local makers and artisans. A large delicate pendant made from a fabric derived from banana fibre takes centre stage above the main counter, while the change rooms operate as a point of drama, with billowing ombre fabric that contrasts with the linear architecture of the space.”


We can’t wait to welcome you into DISSH Bondi to experience the brand for the very first time in Sydney.


Stay tuned for more on how we brought the Bondi space alive with a considered approach, from conception to what you see today.

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